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    Wednesday, October 05, 2016   /   by Robert Mack

    How Selling a Home Is Like Selling a Car

    Selling a home is truthfully more complicated than selling a car. However, as far as selling the product is concerned, the process is similar. Let’s examine this hypothetical situation for clarity.
    Let’s say you have two identical cars. Both are the exact same age, with the exact same usage and mileage. You’re getting ready to sell both of them. One has been detailed, cleaned, vacuumed and smells like a new car even though it isn’t. The other car doesn’t smell so great, is dirty, and messy. It clearly doesn’t look as good as the ...

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    Tuesday, September 13, 2016   /   by Robert Mack

    Tracking the Changes in the Orange County Market

    Rather than discuss what I’ve heard or read about our market this year, I’d like to give you an update on what I’m personally seeing in different neighborhoods as I work with buyers, sellers and investors.

    First, what I’d like to talk about is buyer fatigue. The market is beginning to shift, and prices have been climbing pretty high, pretty quickly for just over four years now. Buyer fatigue occurs when home buyers pull themselves out of the market due to high prices and decide to wait to buy a home until prices go back down. We’re star ...

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    Wednesday, August 10, 2016   /   by Robert Mack

    How to Make Real Estate Exciting

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    Most people move away from fear versus moving toward pleasure. What does that mean to you?
    If I’m working with somebody who is looking to buy a property, they don’t usually come to me acting excited about buying their first new home. They’re usually weary from renting for eight years and tired of helping their landlord get rich while they have no tax benefits and nothing to show for their money. In this situation, t ...

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    Monday, July 25, 2016   /   by Robert Mack

    Reevaluating Your Motivation to Sell

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    Stop rationalizing why your home didn’t sell. If you tried to sell your home in the past and didn’t succeed, you’re going to do one of three things:

    Take it off the market and give up.

    Rehire the same agent to get it relisted, even though they were unsuccessful the first time.

    Interview new agents and see if they better suit your goals.

    On a daily basis, I talk to people who’ve fai ...

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